Experience the beauty of Morocco by tasting the different flavours of this exotic kingdom a rich heritage of more then 1200 years, the bridge between Europe and Africa a country where Jews and Muslims have flourished side by side for over 1,000 years. Morocco offers you a glimpse at the Sahara desert, its lush oases and earthen architecture. It offers the magnificent Atlas Mountains—ideal for hiking or trekking—and the sophisticated Imperial Cities of Fez, Meknès,Rabat,Marrakech ... In planning your trip, you will receive the care you need in designing an itinerary that reflects your interests

Our Guest-celebrities

  • Lea SYDOUX

    Lea SYDOUX

    Actress Lea Sydoux in james bond movie 007

  • Carmen Tall

    Carmen Tall

    The owner of Morocccan-oil company.
  • Nicolas Cage

    Nicolas Cage

    Actor and producer Nicolas Cage in Marrakesh.
  • Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise

    The famous actor Tom Cruise shooting mission impossible 5 in Morocco Marakech
  • Lea SYDOUX
  • Carmen Tall
  • Nicolas Cage
  • Tom Cruise

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